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Posted in music by welcomebemymuse on March 5, 2010

As the world seems to transitioning from analog to digital – this band hits the nail on the head. Brooklyn based duo Analogue Transit blends both elements when writing and performing their unique sound. Influenced by Beck and Radiohead, Jeff Shreiner (keys, sampling, production and vocals) and Kwaku Aning (vocals and guitar) launched the band in 2007 and since then got numerous gigs not only in New York City.

ATR’s alternative electronic rock is an exciting fusion of familiar sounds and melodies paired with unique rhythms and intimate lyrics inspired by «time and space, imagination and thought provocative movies» as Kwaku says.

Kwaku, being described with three words as determined, funny and particular lends his salt and pepper vocals to the studio versions, which he then improvises and reiterates on stage. Spacey and genuine Jeff is something of a production wunderkind pushes and pulls sounds into shapes…

ATR’s second album “Gearheart” is available at iTunes, check it out!!!


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  1. Kwaku said, on March 18, 2010 at 2:59 am

    You rock!! When are you coming back to NYC?

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