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C’mon Khmer!

Posted in music by welcomebemymuse on March 5, 2010

The five members of Brooklyn based Indie band Mon Khmer met at Berklee College of Music during their studies. The range of musical influences is just as diversified as their characters. Matt plays bass like he’s playing funk guitar, is an experienced sound engineer and on top of that a local karaoke hero. Drummer Dave Cole shares the same name as the producer of his favorite artist: Mariah Carey. Elias Meister who is a great jazz guitar player is being called “the dancing German” by his band mates. They say he can look pretty scary without glasses but never gets angry. Dave Kaye who equips the band with the pedal steel, layering the songs with beautiful sweeping hooking sounds and brews his own beer. Singer and guitarist Hammarsing not so secretly wants to be a DJ – he already found a name for his alter ego: “Krachmacher”.

Currently, Mon Khmer is touring through US and will have their first album released at April 8, 2010!

Watch out for them (and fall in love!)!


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