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Poetry in pictures: Rupert Tapper

Posted in art, fashion, photography by welcomebemymuse on May 5, 2010

Asking Rupert about his all time favorite picture for him is as hard as asking about his all time favorite song –  one can understand by looking at his artwork. His strong and captivating style stands out in emotive fashion photography. “It has to make me think and feel some connection to the picture or the people in it. I like fashion as it can be interpreted in many ways and is always changing. It is also challenging to work with which makes it more exciting” he explains.

“I have always wanted in the back of my mind to be a photographer but never really had the courage to get out of what I was doing (Art directing) and start the long and often lonely road of being a photographer. One day I had an epiphany spurred on by a personal event and I sold my car and moved from Sydney to Paris to begin the journey.” In Paris, Rupert worked with and for Mark Pillai, Sven Baenziger and Justin Cooper, who are “all doing very different but very lovely work”.

For him, the most fascinating thing in photography is how some people make so much money from bad boring pictures. “I like working out how they did something in a shot, I really find that interesting.”

Tapper describes himself as fun, curious and confused. Well, please let me add incredibly talented and inspiring to this list. Anything else the world should know? “The earth is not flat.” True.

For more information check www.ruperttapper.info or www.dlm.com.au.

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