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Miss Jana Friedl: “be kind to your mind”

Posted in art, design by welcomebemymuse on May 15, 2010

Talking to an artist everytime would be a completely new experience. That’s what I love about a dialogue with inspiring creatives. Jana Friedl, a young illustrator from Munich is  talented and creative but even more, she is incredibly honest when talking about her creative process. For her, the most difficult thing about producing a piece of art is “finding silence”. Although she comes from a creative background with a family consisting of artists and musicians, she needs to feel secure, “maybe in nature, at home or in attendance of nice people” to produce work. If so, the most gratifying thing about creating art for Jana is “I can choose between creating something beautiful – like design – and express myself – through art. But the result is the same: It feels always liberating.” Mostly, she works with pens, textiles, acrylics and graphic tablet “as I love combining the different haptic and digital materials”.

Seems as if sensitivity is her key for creating art. Cross fingers that it will fulfill her dream: getting famous. “Even just for 15 minutes – or work for a huge fashion label!”

For now, there’s a little exhibition coming up in May / June 2010 in Munich. Get more information on her website.

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