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The coolest moustache in skateboarding got his own shoe!

Posted in fashion, sports by welcomebemymuse on May 2, 2010

Justin Regan, the guy with the most stylish moustache goes pro for Emerica in the common project “Honoris Professio” of Emerica, Mumble and The Skateboard Mag. His shoe is limited to 100 pairs – and it’s hot!

picture of Justin by Rob Brink.

EINMONAT: a trial against the fashion mandate

Posted in fashion by welcomebemymuse on April 29, 2010
According to the makers of EINMONAT, you don’t have to ask yourself what to wear anymore… EINMONAT (one month) is a small and silent revolution against the fashion dictate. The idea is quite simple: choose one outfit, iron the brand’s logo after printing it mirrored and mark one field a day. Why all that? Co-founder Anna Hadzelek says, it is a way to think about the essential requirements cloths should have. “With everything we are wearing outside of our apartment – in public, we experience to dress different. By all the different occasions that come up, it definitely sounds more like pants than skirts.”
But: one month in the same outfit? Smell you later, alligator!
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fashion and music against AIDS

Posted in fashion, music by welcomebemymuse on April 27, 2010

New York based band Black Taxi might play on H&M’s Fashion against AIDS NYC Launch Party on May 19th! If you wanna see them playing, vote for their video of “Up here for thinking, down here for dancing”!

Dear sneaker lovers: here’s the music shoes

Posted in fashion, sports by welcomebemymuse on April 23, 2010

what a great video! unfortunately, this running shoe of course does not play music when twisted or bent…

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dressed in bruises

Posted in art, fashion by welcomebemymuse on April 19, 2010

This short movie is not only a wonderful created story with beautiful pictures – it is inspiring like a dream with intelligent humor and a fantastic view beyond fashion…

Tom Ford’s midlife crisis on screen

Posted in fashion, film by welcomebemymuse on April 18, 2010

“A single man” is Tom Ford’s premiere as screenplay writer and director based on Christopher Isherwood’s 1964 published novel that tells the story about a British college professor (Colin Firth) struggling to find the meaning of life after his partner died by a car accident. Set in Los Angeles in 1962, at the height of the Cuban missile crisis, the movie is a romantic tale of love interrupted, the isolation that is an inherent part of the human condition and the importance of seemingly smaller moments in life. In an interview at the UK Premiere Ford called this movie his personal midlife crisis on screen..
With his esthetic view and standard this movie is a definitely piece of art – where every scene could be taken as a picture for a fashion photography…

maison dubosk – brand to watch!

Posted in fashion by welcomebemymuse on April 8, 2010

Milan based designer Stefania Loschi whose roots are Brazilian and Italian introduced her second collection of shirts with hand illustrated prints. After her first collection “woman and animals” or “me and men”, she launches her second line named “Monsieur Gris” showing illustrated foxes, horses and Yves Saint Laurent.

Maison Dubosk was launched in 2008 and is inspired by the colorimeter invented by the French pioneer photographer Jules Dubosq. Every piece of the collection is made in Italy, “from the textile to the stamps and prints” designer Stefania says. Not only this fact is a reason to fall in love with Maison Dubosk!

All pictures by Giuseppe Vaccaro.


Francis And The Lights

Posted in fashion, music by welcomebemymuse on April 7, 2010

Not only Francis And The Lights mysterious mastermind  Francis Farewell Starlite is always dressed in classy black, dancing like a mixture of MJ and the existentialist’s  free dance – his voice has something Prince-y and very unique… Francis and the Lights formed at Wesleyan University few years ago, played at MGMT’s sold-out Halloween show last fall as an opening act.

So far, their third album “A Modern Promise” has been released and within the second year of band existance, they’ve already been written up by Kanye West for a cover of his “can’t tell me nothing”…

Let’s hope, Francis And The Lights won’t become too commercial and will just stay this inspiring and extraordinary like they are now.


    AKOG’s piece of the month

    Posted in fashion by welcomebemymuse on April 3, 2010

    Available at Munich’s menswear store Harvest, Munich based label akindofguise launches its new piece of the month: a jumper from the German navy with lovely details such as suede patches on shoulders and elbows. 

    The military look never looked that hot!

    For more information check out: http://akindofguise.com/wp/

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    Little Skateboard P is kicking ass again!

    Posted in fashion, music by welcomebemymuse on March 5, 2010

    Can you believe this unlikely trio of artists is a commercial for Converse? Chapeau! Strokes leadman Julian Casablancas, Santogold and Pharrell definitely make up a stunning mix!

    Just can’t get enough of this…