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Pablo ruled. Great shots. Go out and do it.

Posted in art, photography by welcomebemymuse on April 28, 2010

In 1949 Life Magazine‘s photographer Gjon Mili visited Picasso in Vallauris, France where he lived till 1955. Mili showed him some pictures of ice skaters with tiny lights on their shoes jumping in the dark. Pablo Picasso was inspired and immediately shot these pictures… As this is still inspiring – go out and take LED throwies as it is an inexpensive way to add color to your hood! They stick to any ferromagnetic surface…


Women are heroes

Posted in art, photography by welcomebemymuse on April 16, 2010

French photographer and artist J.R. pays tribute to women in his work “WOMEN ARE HEROES” with highlighting their dignity when he puts portraits of their emotional facial expressions up on walls, trains, cars, trucks and roofs of their villages all over the world. He is always working with a 28mm lens, which makes him get as close to the person as possible he makes old women become models for a day in Brazilian favelas, in Africa, Cambodia and India. J.R. gave a promise to the women: to take their stories on a journey around the world – so he exhibited the pictures in Brussels (March 2008) and London and Paris (2009)…  With his artwork popping up like a wildflower, let’s hope that there will be more all over the place…

check http://www.womenareheroes.be/ !

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urban panoramas by Soo Kim

Posted in art, photography by welcomebemymuse on March 26, 2010

Soo Kim’s layered, hand-cut chromogenic prints of Reykjavik’s midnight panoramas show that there is so much more to do with photography than just taking pictures. “Through my work, I am interested in questioning the nature of the way we read the photographic image” she said.

Her artwork can be seen till June 6 at the J. Paul Getty Museum, (the Getty Center) in Los Angeles.

All Image © Soo Kim

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