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Exhibition in Munich: ABC ALLSTARS AND FRIENDS

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on July 1, 2011

…2. JULY 2011 – 16. JULY 2011

regular exhibition
wednesday.- friday: 14°°-18°°

saturday 14°°-18°° Uhr

Herzog-Wilhelm-Strasse 30
80331 Munich

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Do or Die!

Posted in art, photography by welcomebemymuse on January 13, 2011

Um mehr als das Augenscheinliche über den mysteriösen jungen Mann zu erfahren, muss man ihm schon in einem schwachen Moment begegnen. „Der Mixen“ – da ist der Name Programm. Augenscheinlich wie im tieferen Sinne.

Den Lieblingssport unter die Haut gestochen und immer einen spontanen, oft großartig sarkastischen Spruch auf den Lippen kann seine beruhigende Gelassenheit dem urbayerischen savoir-vivre oder der thailändischen inneren Ruhe zugesprochen werden. Im Zweifelsfall aber ist es eine Mischung aus beidem – ein Mix eben.

Ein bodenständiger Bub aus anständigem Hause, der ursprünglich auszog um als Landschaftsarchitekt Skateparks zu entwerfen. Ein Ruhiger, dessen Kommunikationsdesigns laut sind. Einer, der mit seinen analogen Fotografien simple Momente festhält und mit der Stimmung verzaubert. Einer junger Mann, dessen Wort noch etwas zählt und ein Künstler der keiner sein mag. Sein Motto? „Do or die!“. – Anmerkung der Autorin: Definitiv DO, Mixen!


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a reason to live for…

Posted in art, music by welcomebemymuse on September 25, 2010

feel it!

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Hipsters dating…

Posted in art, film by welcomebemymuse on September 1, 2010

so good…

Hero of the month: Franca Sozzani

Posted in art, fashion, photography by welcomebemymuse on August 12, 2010

After many scandalous fashion editorials, Italian Vogue hit the bulls-eye again. Legendary Stephen Meisel photographed Kristen McMenamy for the August issue named “Survivor”. Although many critics will get it wrong again – the Italian Vogue with editor in chief Franca Sozzani didn’t use the oil crisis as inspiration. Fashion is making a statement! Grazie Franca!

copyright all pictures Stephen Meisel and Vogue Italia

Which guy didn’t wanna have an At-At as a child?

Posted in art, design, film by welcomebemymuse on July 1, 2010

video directed by Patrick Boivin, music by Blithe Field.

Chapeau to burns124 !

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on June 29, 2010

Where do your creative ideas come from?

I guess somewhere from outer space. The ideas are out there and you just have to put your self in the right mood, lower out your antennas and catch some of the ideas that are floating around in space. But enough of that esoteric shit, usually I start with a rough sketch, then I doodle some more with the idea to get to the point and then if I think it will work I’ll make the final drawing or whatever. But sometimes I just start painting e.g. when it comes to graffiti…

When and how did you know that your calling was to be an artist?

Like nearly everybody, I am into drawing since my early childhood… but to be more precise it must have been at the age of 12. I was up late night watching TV, skipping through the channels (back then there were only five!) when I saw the documentary “u-bahn bilder und verrückte beine” (better known as style wars) by accident. I was very impressed and still am up to this date by what I have seen in this film. At least since then I know I wanted to be a graffiti artist.

What’s your muse?

mariuahana, music, time pressure, retro childbook illustrations, potato chips, graffiti, tags, throw-ups, vandalism, my wonderful years crew, friends, drawings from my kids, bikerides, doodels and a delicious “schweinebraten mit semmelkmödel” is always very welcome for some inspiration.

Do you have dreams?

hm… don’t really have one, but when I am long gone, it would be funny to see my stuff hanging in some established museum and people are going to pay millions of billions for some little piece of art which I created 200 years ago. hm I know, some kind of corny vision… sorry…

What do you find most gratifying about the art you create?

I like the process more than the final work. it is a bit like meditation or a mission when it comes to graffiti, because you are totally focused on your work. And of course it feels good when some people like it.

What type of materials do you like to use most?

Wood, because it feels soft  and alive. I don’t like canvases they just suck. Cardboard is good as well because it is cheap and concrete, coz it is patient like paper.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to start a career as an artist?

Don’t do it! Learn a trade like carpenter or something useful.

3 words about you…

one two four

At this point in time are you working on any particular projects you’d like to talk about?

not really, but since the sun is shining again (well, right now I hear rain and thunder outside) and I am in a good mood I’ll give you a little hint: one project is called ‘cardbordica’ so far and it will be all about “typefaces” on cardboard. I will keep you posted

Anything else the world should know?

squares are double hipsters

Thanks to Burns124 for this refreshing interview – keep up the great work!!! All pictures are courtesy of the artist.

LOVE AND GUTS: New York City

Posted in art, design, photography by welcomebemymuse on June 10, 2010

Last Friday, the Love and Guts Art Show opened in New York City. Skateboarding’s past and present heroes converge for this exhibition, which is centered around skating’s fallen soldiers whose lives expired far too soon.
 These losses have left a void in skating, but, their spirits and legacies continue to live on and as a special way to celebrate their lives, Love and Guts has chosen to further immortalize them via Eyes Wide Open. Participants in this year’s show include Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Steve Olson, Pat Ngoho along with others who were all more than willing to lend their talents to this special exhibition.

Read more on Amber’s Blog.

Art Talk in Munich: Anthony d’Offey

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on June 6, 2010

Within the exhibition “weniger ist mehr” in Munich’s Haus der Kunst, Anthony d’Offey who has been one of the most influental dealers for contemporary art will hold a speech (in English) on June 8, 2010 at 8 pm.

The exhibition “weniger ist mehr” runs till July 25, 2010 and shows pictures, objects and concepts of the private collection of Herman and Nicole Daled with pieces from Marcel Broodthaers, Lawrence Weiner, On Kawara, Daniel Buren, Dennis Oppenheim and many more…

The Sun Always Sets

Posted in art, film, music by welcomebemymuse on June 4, 2010

The Sun Always Sets is directed by Team Studio NYC‘s Markus with music by Cars & Trains and illustrations by David Foarde.