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Hipsters dating…

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so good…


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Too good to be unknown.

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Too good to be unknown

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42-year old Charles von Herrlich lives in Brooklyn and besides building sculptures and painting landscapes and portraits, he also did the wonderful illustration at my most favorite Bar Von at Bleeker and Bowery in Lower East Side, New York. Watch out, this guy is great!

BLACK TAXI – forget about yellow cabs!

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Black Taxi guitarist Bill Mayo explains the band’s name as “Tom Hanks once told us to wait fort he black taxi, so yeah, you do what Tom Hanks says, ya know? He was in “Big“, ‚nuff said.“ – True, ‘nuff said!

The four members Bill Mayo, Krisana Soponpong, Ezra Huleatt and Jason Holmes started in 2007 – after Ezra and Krisana met at an orgy in Thailand – “no joke” Bill says. “The rest is history.” Their sound is influenced by The Doors, Dick Dale, Clash, Leonard Cohen and The Police but if you ask Bill to describe it, he’d answer “If you like King Crimson, it sounds like that.  If you like Jay Z, it sounds just like him.  If Cindy Lauper is more your style, Black Taxi is definitely for you. Nobody has actually been able to describe what we do.  The members of this band come from such different musical backgrounds, the songs we create can sound like Depeche Mode or Stephen Sondheim.  It usually has a pretty good beat though.  I give it a 7.2.“ – Why only a 7.2.?

The recording of their album „Things of That Nature“ was documented by the two award-winning filmmakers Nate Kath and Jason Sager in 2009, where they followed the band through the rehearsals and the recording sessions at Bunker.

Anything else? Oh yeah! Don’t miss their upcoming show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY on May 14!

Thanks Bill for the interview!

For more information, check out www.blacktaxi.com

Brooklyn watch out! Mark Todd presented by Мишка

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on April 10, 2010

On Thursday April 15th, Brooklyn-based streetwear store Мишка will present a series of work from Mark Todd at their Brooklyn based 350 Broadway store and gallery.  “The show is a collection of work from the celebrated illustrator who’s range has graced the likes of McSweeneys and The New York Times.”

Before moving to New York in 1993, Todd gratuated with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. His clients such as Sony Music, The New Yorker, The MTA and MTV love his way of playing with deconstruction of pop cultural icons like Iron Man and Spiderman with being playful but never childish..


Asa Ransom!

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Asa Ransom absolutely convinced me with their show at the D&G store in Soho during Vogue’s fashion night out in September 2009…

Dance-inspired with a dramatic style of instrumentation is upbeat and delivered with vibrant intensity to Asa Ransom’s unique sound of music. These five guys are sons of preachers, professors, postal workers and housewives and are playing at the Cameo Gallery (N. 6th Between Berry and Wythe, Williamsburg) throughout April, 2010. If you get a chance, don’t miss their show!

What makes us love them even more? They offer a free download of their EP “The Gold” on their homepage…


recycling in a new dimension

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Brooklyn based Rob Fischer’s artwork of reconfigured gymnasium floors and hand painted signs could be seen at UCLA’s Hammer Museum’s Lobby in Los Angeles through April 1st, 2010. 

Fischer salvages materials from abandoned buildings and junkyards and reconfigures them into large-scale sculptural environments that weave past histories into the present. 

pictures by Josh White.


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If you’re in New York, make sure you won’t miss Mon Khmer’s VINYL RELEASE PARTY on Thursday, April 8th @ The Studio (Webster Hall 125 East 11th Street , New York, NY).

The album can be pre-ordered here: http://dailyvinyl.com/albums/mon-khmer



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As the world seems to transitioning from analog to digital – this band hits the nail on the head. Brooklyn based duo Analogue Transit blends both elements when writing and performing their unique sound. Influenced by Beck and Radiohead, Jeff Shreiner (keys, sampling, production and vocals) and Kwaku Aning (vocals and guitar) launched the band in 2007 and since then got numerous gigs not only in New York City.

ATR’s alternative electronic rock is an exciting fusion of familiar sounds and melodies paired with unique rhythms and intimate lyrics inspired by «time and space, imagination and thought provocative movies» as Kwaku says.

Kwaku, being described with three words as determined, funny and particular lends his salt and pepper vocals to the studio versions, which he then improvises and reiterates on stage. Spacey and genuine Jeff is something of a production wunderkind pushes and pulls sounds into shapes…

ATR’s second album “Gearheart” is available at iTunes, check it out!!!


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C’mon Khmer!

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The five members of Brooklyn based Indie band Mon Khmer met at Berklee College of Music during their studies. The range of musical influences is just as diversified as their characters. Matt plays bass like he’s playing funk guitar, is an experienced sound engineer and on top of that a local karaoke hero. Drummer Dave Cole shares the same name as the producer of his favorite artist: Mariah Carey. Elias Meister who is a great jazz guitar player is being called “the dancing German” by his band mates. They say he can look pretty scary without glasses but never gets angry. Dave Kaye who equips the band with the pedal steel, layering the songs with beautiful sweeping hooking sounds and brews his own beer. Singer and guitarist Hammarsing not so secretly wants to be a DJ – he already found a name for his alter ego: “Krachmacher”.

Currently, Mon Khmer is touring through US and will have their first album released at April 8, 2010!

Watch out for them (and fall in love!)!