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exclusive preview: Walter spring 2011 collection

Posted in art, design, fashion by welcomebemymuse on September 4, 2010

This is an exclusive preview on the Walter spring 2011 collection which will be shown on September 12, 2010 during New York Fashion Week with music by Mia Moretti. These remarkable designs will make winter even harder to endure…

LOVE AND GUTS: New York City

Posted in art, design, photography by welcomebemymuse on June 10, 2010

Last Friday, the Love and Guts Art Show opened in New York City. Skateboarding’s past and present heroes converge for this exhibition, which is centered around skating’s fallen soldiers whose lives expired far too soon.
 These losses have left a void in skating, but, their spirits and legacies continue to live on and as a special way to celebrate their lives, Love and Guts has chosen to further immortalize them via Eyes Wide Open. Participants in this year’s show include Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Steve Olson, Pat Ngoho along with others who were all more than willing to lend their talents to this special exhibition.

Read more on Amber’s Blog.

mannerism is back

Posted in architecture, design by welcomebemymuse on June 9, 2010

Frank Owen Gehry (born Ephraim Owen Goldberg) finally did it: he designed the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas after years of refusing to do something in Vegas.

81 year old Gehry, who designed the titanium-covered Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles, Experience Music Project in Seattle, Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis, the Dancing House in Prague and Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen built the latest piece of art with a steel structure in his unique dramatic design.

Mannerism is back – and Gehry is genius.

akindofguise’s world

Posted in design, fashion, film, photography by welcomebemymuse on May 27, 2010

directed by Leonel Dietsche, pictures by Katja Schubert.

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loud, bullheaded and very lovable.

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on May 20, 2010

He says he produces his best work on the floor of his apartment and also would not call himself an artist. “I simply wanted to do or create if you like things that last a time. Something you can touch and something that makes people happy or just arouses feelings. That’s how life goes!”

Simple as that, his works seem to be at first sight. “That’s the most gratifying thing about my creation. Everyone is able to like or understand these things, a child as well as a hundred year old… I would say my works transport something positive or funny without being corny or stereotype. It’s all about a certain kind of humor, which is not as childish as it seems at the first look”. In fact, hello floflo’s colorful, stocky animals all deliver a message ranging from funny to ambiguously smart. “I definitely like ink or pencil on paper, as well as working with the computer… it depends what emotions I want to create. And I really love acrylic on wood – wood is the perfect imperfect, awesome!” Talking about wood, he also paints on his discarded and broken skateboard decks. “Skateboarding, the talents of others typography and daily life – as beaten as it sounds” is inspiring to loud, bullheaded but very lovable guy.

Anything else the world should know? “”Kunst ist wo der Hund hin brunzt”, thanks Berni”. Sorry, not translatable into English but so good when it comes to street art.

Miss Jana Friedl: “be kind to your mind”

Posted in art, design by welcomebemymuse on May 15, 2010

Talking to an artist everytime would be a completely new experience. That’s what I love about a dialogue with inspiring creatives. Jana Friedl, a young illustrator from Munich is  talented and creative but even more, she is incredibly honest when talking about her creative process. For her, the most difficult thing about producing a piece of art is “finding silence”. Although she comes from a creative background with a family consisting of artists and musicians, she needs to feel secure, “maybe in nature, at home or in attendance of nice people” to produce work. If so, the most gratifying thing about creating art for Jana is “I can choose between creating something beautiful – like design – and express myself – through art. But the result is the same: It feels always liberating.” Mostly, she works with pens, textiles, acrylics and graphic tablet “as I love combining the different haptic and digital materials”.

Seems as if sensitivity is her key for creating art. Cross fingers that it will fulfill her dream: getting famous. “Even just for 15 minutes – or work for a huge fashion label!”

For now, there’s a little exhibition coming up in May / June 2010 in Munich. Get more information on her website.

Impressions from Milan Design Week 2010

Posted in art, design by welcomebemymuse on April 21, 2010

From April 13 to 19, Milan went crazy once again for the Design Week. Not even during fashion weeks, there is so much going on as in these few days, with each showroom or shop of “Fuori Salone” having soirees, aperitivi and parties with Roisin Murphy or The Prodigy djing… Even punk occupied squats in the area of Navigli had an “open house” where they sold homegrown vegetables, self-made wine or just pot (!).
A special highlight? North Italy based furniture design company Lago opened its showroom “Appartemento Lago” in the artsy Brera-area where the guys of Nu Bureau started never-ending life cooking sessions for visitors. With this performance and the open invitation to the guests to join them cooking (and of course eating), Lago created the coolest spot to hang out during this busy week!

cylindrus hub by art.lebedev

Posted in art, design by welcomebemymuse on April 13, 2010

Moscow based creative studio Art.Lebedev describes its principle with only two words: “No Bullshit”. This USB device called “cylindrus hub” was designed by Yegor Zhgun under the art direction of Artemy Lebedev.

USB ports never have been stored that fashionable…

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