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Mathyou von China

Posted in music by welcomebemymuse on February 18, 2010

Mathyou von China’s real name is Mathew Scheiner. „Scheiner sounds like China if you pretend you’re from Mississippi“ he explains. Two names – one person. Mathew or Mathyou makes the beats, plays the guitar and keys and sings while he manages he sound effects. That alone should be a reason to go and watch one of Von China’s shows. So what does it sound like? Matt says: „It’s kind of what you’d expect to hear when you take some acid and walk into a Caribbean soul / disco dance party in Brooklyn“. Brooklyn, especially Williamsburg is his inspiration. „You’re surrounded by an unfathomable amount of music. It’s a petri dish of creativity, very competitive. If you play your cards right, it brings out the best from your music.“

To me it sounds like Matt is playing his cards very well… 


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