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Tomorrow will be the last day for Munich based artist Jarek Piotrowski’s exhibition “Wunschmaschinen” at Galerie Andreas Höhne. Picture by Marie Therese Rink.

Jarek, what’s your muse?

I am inspired by every waking moment, it can be the most absurd thing ever so the list is just much too extensive.

When and how did you know that your calling was to be an artist?

Since early age I had a fascination with changing objects or obsessively drawing things, in a way trying to see or pierce threw a theme. The “calling” as you state it was some thing that came from the outside, I was basically asked if studying art interested me, by that time drawing was some thing natural for me, so the question put seemed a little absurd but I guess this falls under the parental guidance theme.

Where do your creative ideas come from?

The ideas arise mostly out of a “compost heap” that I create, it’s basically about asking questions, but instead of using words I use images. Sometimes one takes interest in things that that one in some way understands, but can’t explain, I guess these themes are a kind of magnetic for me, personally.

What do you find most gratifying about the art you create?

I think its the creation process as such, it’s always a kind of a journey, you don’t really return to the same.

What do you find most difficult about producing a piece of art?

Finding the perfect form to represent the underlying question, with any work you have its artistic value that you call style and a question beneath…

Where do you produce your best work?

I guess my best work is produced in my mind. After that it’s usually a journey trying to accumulate the vision into a form which is closely bound to failure.

After “Wunschmaschinen” – what will be your next project?

There are still a few projects that I am planning, but I am more accustomed to showing things than just talking about them. One project that was offered to me is to bring Munich based artists to Königsberg that is something that I am excited about.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to start a career as an artist?

Follow your vision, don’t give up.

Anything else the world should know?


Thank you very much, Jarek!


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“Wunschmaschinen” an exhibition of Jarek Piotrowski and Bernhard Lehner’s sculptures, sihouettes and totem pole-like figurines can be seen at Galerie Andreas Höhne, Am Glockenbach 6, Munich till May 29, 2010.

All pictures by Peter Neuberger.

For more pictures also check the article in Süddeutsche Zeitung.