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Hands made of gold

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on February 17, 2010

Bright colors, defined lines, clear messages that might be loud and direct or silently beautiful. Let Dustin Mounce’s paintings seduce you – this Floridian son’s works are so much more than just street art…

Where do your creative ideas come from? 

Dustin: My ideas come from photography, movies, music, feelings, my head, and my random mental studies of people in the streets. I don’t have a set creative process, but I like to draw at random and usually on any paper within reach. I’ll then photocopy a drawing and add more to it by taping paper to it so I have more room to draw. I’m still trying sketchbooks, but I love sketching on envelopes. Sometimes I just start drawing shapes that come to my head and make something of it later.

What do you find most difficult about producing a piece of art?

Dustin: Making and finding the time (I like to work in 4 to 8 hour blocks), laziness, life obstacles, my w-2 job.

Where do you produce your best work?

Dustin: I produce my best work at 3 a.m. in my garage listening to Dub Reggae.


What type of materials do you like to use most?

Dustin: I’m a fan of acrylic, water-based oil paint, conte, spray paint (Montana Gold and Alien), various inks, oops paint, and random paint in the sales bin. I started with most of these because they would last me longer than the OJ trial and are cheaper than a bean burrito with sour cream.

What do you find most gratifying about the art you create?

Dustin: Right when I finish a piece I say “I did that? hell yeah” I’m proud for about 2 days. On the second day or so I think “Wtf was I thinking with that? What a piece of trash”. To answer the question, I’d say I like that I gain motivation from constantly thinking that I can do better and in turn, I find that gratifying.

When and how did you know that your calling was to be an artist?

Dustin: I started out drawing as a snot-nosed and got more into making beats. I made beats for years and slowly started taking art a bit more serious. I started painting around 2002 and I would make beats on and off. I still make beats, but it’s mostly painting, photography, and graphic design. Ever since my exit from the womb, I’ve felt the need to create, no matter the medium.

At this moment, Dustin Mounce has had some interest shown from Art Asylum (CurbsandStoops.com) and plan on working with them. At the moment, his „amigo“, Roscoe Ruiz and him are working to get their clothing line going.

Check them out at www.FOOLISHBASTARDS.com and at www.DUSTINMOUNCE.com.