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loud, bullheaded and very lovable.

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on May 20, 2010

He says he produces his best work on the floor of his apartment and also would not call himself an artist. “I simply wanted to do or create if you like things that last a time. Something you can touch and something that makes people happy or just arouses feelings. That’s how life goes!”

Simple as that, his works seem to be at first sight. “That’s the most gratifying thing about my creation. Everyone is able to like or understand these things, a child as well as a hundred year old… I would say my works transport something positive or funny without being corny or stereotype. It’s all about a certain kind of humor, which is not as childish as it seems at the first look”. In fact, hello floflo’s colorful, stocky animals all deliver a message ranging from funny to ambiguously smart. “I definitely like ink or pencil on paper, as well as working with the computer… it depends what emotions I want to create. And I really love acrylic on wood – wood is the perfect imperfect, awesome!” Talking about wood, he also paints on his discarded and broken skateboard decks. “Skateboarding, the talents of others typography and daily life – as beaten as it sounds” is inspiring to loud, bullheaded but very lovable guy.

Anything else the world should know? “”Kunst ist wo der Hund hin brunzt”, thanks Berni”. Sorry, not translatable into English but so good when it comes to street art.


Art Talk with Oliviero Toscani

Posted in art, fashion, photography by welcomebemymuse on May 17, 2010

„Without risk, there’s no art“ Oliviero Toscani’s unique and controversal style of photography has made his name a brand, best known for the advertising campaigns he shot for the Italian fashion brand Benetton from 1982 to 2000.

On Tuesday, May, 18 2010, Oliviero Toscani will hold a speech at Munich’s Pinakothek der Moderne, Ernst von Siemens Auditory, in English at 7:30 pm.

Miss Jana Friedl: “be kind to your mind”

Posted in art, design by welcomebemymuse on May 15, 2010

Talking to an artist everytime would be a completely new experience. That’s what I love about a dialogue with inspiring creatives. Jana Friedl, a young illustrator from Munich is  talented and creative but even more, she is incredibly honest when talking about her creative process. For her, the most difficult thing about producing a piece of art is “finding silence”. Although she comes from a creative background with a family consisting of artists and musicians, she needs to feel secure, “maybe in nature, at home or in attendance of nice people” to produce work. If so, the most gratifying thing about creating art for Jana is “I can choose between creating something beautiful – like design – and express myself – through art. But the result is the same: It feels always liberating.” Mostly, she works with pens, textiles, acrylics and graphic tablet “as I love combining the different haptic and digital materials”.

Seems as if sensitivity is her key for creating art. Cross fingers that it will fulfill her dream: getting famous. “Even just for 15 minutes – or work for a huge fashion label!”

For now, there’s a little exhibition coming up in May / June 2010 in Munich. Get more information on her website.

New piece of the month by akindofguise

Posted in fashion by welcomebemymuse on May 10, 2010

Munich based label akindofguise has a new piece of the month! Leather wallet and spectacle case made of leather – lovely…

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EINMONAT: a trial against the fashion mandate

Posted in fashion by welcomebemymuse on April 29, 2010
According to the makers of EINMONAT, you don’t have to ask yourself what to wear anymore… EINMONAT (one month) is a small and silent revolution against the fashion dictate. The idea is quite simple: choose one outfit, iron the brand’s logo after printing it mirrored and mark one field a day. Why all that? Co-founder Anna Hadzelek says, it is a way to think about the essential requirements cloths should have. “With everything we are wearing outside of our apartment – in public, we experience to dress different. By all the different occasions that come up, it definitely sounds more like pants than skirts.”
But: one month in the same outfit? Smell you later, alligator!
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Kid Acne exhibition @ Helmet Gallery, Munich

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on April 27, 2010

On April 29, Helmet Gallery (Fraunhofer Str. 8, Munich) will host the vernissage of UK urban artist Kid Acne

For this Munich exhibition, he created an exclusive series of German and Bavarian slogans, each design a 3 colour hand-pulled screen print on 250gsm recycled stock and super limited to editions of 5.

His personal favourite is “ABA HUND SAN’S SCHO” (For They Are Real Dogs).

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AKOG’s piece of the month

Posted in fashion by welcomebemymuse on April 3, 2010

Available at Munich’s menswear store Harvest, Munich based label akindofguise launches its new piece of the month: a jumper from the German navy with lovely details such as suede patches on shoulders and elbows. 

The military look never looked that hot!

For more information check out: http://akindofguise.com/wp/

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Posted in fashion by welcomebemymuse on March 5, 2010

“It’s your mind that spins the wheel and your heart that makes you feel”

Just as lovely as Noah and the Whale’s song sounds the first collection of Munich based fashion label akindofguise is modern poetry in tailoring. All pieces of the menswear label are not only strictly limited but also hand-made…

With classic gym sacks made of finest leather and suede, hand knitted cardigans with wooden buttons, loose jumpsuits made of linen, tapered pants and classic suits akindofguise shows respect to the love of details. They bought woven bands from an Indian reservoir in California to use them as applications on belts. Also akog’s designers found an old leather manufacture that mantled medicine balls, bought all the remaining materials and created a mini collection of 24 unique bags… When they say: “medicine balls never seemed that hot” there is nothing more to add!

Want to grab a piece? akindofguise is being launched at Munich’s menswear retail store “Harvest” on March 6, 2010!