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fashion and music against AIDS

Posted in fashion, music by welcomebemymuse on April 27, 2010

New York based band Black Taxi might play on H&M’s Fashion against AIDS NYC Launch Party on May 19th! If you wanna see them playing, vote for their video of “Up here for thinking, down here for dancing”!


Brooklyn watch out! Mark Todd presented by Мишка

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on April 10, 2010

On Thursday April 15th, Brooklyn-based streetwear store Мишка will present a series of work from Mark Todd at their Brooklyn based 350 Broadway store and gallery.  “The show is a collection of work from the celebrated illustrator who’s range has graced the likes of McSweeneys and The New York Times.”

Before moving to New York in 1993, Todd gratuated with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. His clients such as Sony Music, The New Yorker, The MTA and MTV love his way of playing with deconstruction of pop cultural icons like Iron Man and Spiderman with being playful but never childish..


Asa Ransom!

Posted in music by welcomebemymuse on April 9, 2010

Asa Ransom absolutely convinced me with their show at the D&G store in Soho during Vogue’s fashion night out in September 2009…

Dance-inspired with a dramatic style of instrumentation is upbeat and delivered with vibrant intensity to Asa Ransom’s unique sound of music. These five guys are sons of preachers, professors, postal workers and housewives and are playing at the Cameo Gallery (N. 6th Between Berry and Wythe, Williamsburg) throughout April, 2010. If you get a chance, don’t miss their show!

What makes us love them even more? They offer a free download of their EP “The Gold” on their homepage…


Francis And The Lights

Posted in fashion, music by welcomebemymuse on April 7, 2010

Not only Francis And The Lights mysterious mastermind  Francis Farewell Starlite is always dressed in classy black, dancing like a mixture of MJ and the existentialist’s  free dance – his voice has something Prince-y and very unique… Francis and the Lights formed at Wesleyan University few years ago, played at MGMT’s sold-out Halloween show last fall as an opening act.

So far, their third album “A Modern Promise” has been released and within the second year of band existance, they’ve already been written up by Kanye West for a cover of his “can’t tell me nothing”…

Let’s hope, Francis And The Lights won’t become too commercial and will just stay this inspiring and extraordinary like they are now.