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Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Posted in music by welcomebemymuse on June 5, 2010

Letting Up Despite Great Faults is a pretty long name for a band. Mike, who is in charge for the Vocals, Programming and plays the guitar, agrees on that. “It’s taken from a Blonde Redhead song. It’s also self-reflecting, self-deprecating, and way too long.”

The story, how the three band members met though, is short. “Through Craigslist. We’re hoping our next member will be found through another means just so when people ask this question the answer won’t be so short.” Letting Up Despite Great Faults released their first EP in 2006 with only Kent (Bass, Keys) and Mike. Chris (Drums) joined one year later.

The Los Angeles based band played their mix of Indiepop and Electronic music at festivals like Noise Pop Fest (SF) and SXSW (Austin). “At home, we love playing at Spaceland”. Ask Mike to tell something about him and his mates and he would say “Mike – bad haircut, Chris – hi-fives way too much (seriously) and Kent – the most rational person in the band”.

What inspires them? “The fear of being insignificant, boring, and idle.” Good answer. Great music. Good luck!


Posted in film, music by welcomebemymuse on May 23, 2010

This Liars video to “Scissor” is directed by filmmaker Andy Bruntel who already worked with directors Mike Mills, Roman Coppola and Geoff McFetridge on numerous film, video and animation projects… “Scissor” was one of the videos shown during the Flux Screen Series at the Hammer Museum Los Angeles.

PARADISE CIRCUS by massive attack

Posted in art, film, music by welcomebemymuse on April 24, 2010

WATCH http://www.andamosarmados.com/27007

In this Massive Attack video,  Georgina Spelvin talks about her former work as a porn actress in the 1970ies. I first found this during the short movie night at UCLA’s Hammer Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

If it is too much for you, you might prefer the more artsy video version:

Los Angeles, you’ll have a date on Sunday!

Posted in film, sports by welcomebemymuse on April 20, 2010

The new Blueprint film “Make friends with the colour blue” will be playing in US theaters from April, 25 starring Kevin Coakley and Paul Shier… The premiere is at Regent Showcase Theater on 614 N La Brea Ave!



Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on April 15, 2010

Rumors say that Ace Gallery owner Doug Christmas took down the latest Banksy piece spottet in Los Angeles last week… From street art to the gallery, within only a few days… Chapeau!

New Banksy piece spottet in Los Angeles!

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on April 12, 2010

Right before the movie “Exit through the giftshop” is out in theaters, a new Banksy piece was spotted in Los Angeles between 4th and LaBrea! Check it out when you’re around!

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recycling in a new dimension

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on April 2, 2010

Brooklyn based Rob Fischer’s artwork of reconfigured gymnasium floors and hand painted signs could be seen at UCLA’s Hammer Museum’s Lobby in Los Angeles through April 1st, 2010. 

Fischer salvages materials from abandoned buildings and junkyards and reconfigures them into large-scale sculptural environments that weave past histories into the present. 

pictures by Josh White.

Cameron Jamie

Posted in art by welcomebemymuse on April 1, 2010

Cameron Jamie’s inspiration for his artworks has its seeds in San Fernando Valley, a colossal suburb of Los Angeles where huge shopping malls and the porn industry ruled in the beginning of the 1970ies. A city without a center, without sights but close enough to Hollywood and its local myths… In the 1990ies Jamie began to search in the subcultural urban life such as Wrestling Halls where people spent their afternoons for few money for his rough documentary short movies. 

Nowadays, Jamie lives in Paris and besides doing short movies he is a talented painter, working with ink on paper…

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Dear Los Angeles, I think I’m a little bit in love with you…

Posted in music by welcomebemymuse on March 29, 2010

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urban panoramas by Soo Kim

Posted in art, photography by welcomebemymuse on March 26, 2010

Soo Kim’s layered, hand-cut chromogenic prints of Reykjavik’s midnight panoramas show that there is so much more to do with photography than just taking pictures. “Through my work, I am interested in questioning the nature of the way we read the photographic image” she said.

Her artwork can be seen till June 6 at the J. Paul Getty Museum, (the Getty Center) in Los Angeles.

All Image © Soo Kim

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