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2nd CRUCRUMAS Skateboard Tour – ♡ it!

Posted in sports by welcomebemymuse on July 6, 2011


edited and filmed by Markus Mengucci

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Tommy Brandelik: 10 years of skateboarding

Posted in art, film, sports by welcomebemymuse on September 29, 2010

Tommy Brandelik is probably one of the most underrated German Skateboarders. This video shows abstracts of his past 10 years – serious rock’n’roll! Cheers Tommy!

LOVE AND GUTS: New York City

Posted in art, design, photography by welcomebemymuse on June 10, 2010

Last Friday, the Love and Guts Art Show opened in New York City. Skateboarding’s past and present heroes converge for this exhibition, which is centered around skating’s fallen soldiers whose lives expired far too soon.
 These losses have left a void in skating, but, their spirits and legacies continue to live on and as a special way to celebrate their lives, Love and Guts has chosen to further immortalize them via Eyes Wide Open. Participants in this year’s show include Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Steve Olson, Pat Ngoho along with others who were all more than willing to lend their talents to this special exhibition.

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The coolest moustache in skateboarding got his own shoe!

Posted in fashion, sports by welcomebemymuse on May 2, 2010

Justin Regan, the guy with the most stylish moustache goes pro for Emerica in the common project “Honoris Professio” of Emerica, Mumble and The Skateboard Mag. His shoe is limited to 100 pairs – and it’s hot!

picture of Justin by Rob Brink.